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Request for Qualifications For Development Partner Services

The Housing Authority of the City of Taylor, Texas (THA) is seeking qualifications from experienced development firms and/or consultants to direct the development/redevelopment/revitalization of affordable housing.

Proposed documents are available and can be obtained from the THA office located at 311C E. 7th St. Taylor, Texas 76574.

To request a copy of the proposal documents, please contact Ebby Green, CEO at (512) 352-3231, ext. 110 or email her at Submission of developer qualifications must be received at the Housing Authority’s office no later than August 7, 2020, 4:00 p.m. at the Housing Authority’s office. 

Covid-19 Policies

The Taylor Housing Authority is taking the current COVID-19 situation very seriously. In order to ensure that our residents, program participants and staff are kept as safe as possible, we will begin implementing the following procedures effective Tuesday, March 17, 2020. 

  1. THA will not be open to the public until further notice, beginning 8:00 a.m. Tuesday, March 17, 2020. We can be contacted by phone at (512) 255-9159 or (512) 255-1336 or via email. Please visit our website for more information. 
  2. THA will suspend taking applications for Public Housing until further notice.
  3. Maintenance calls will be limited to emergencies only. Calls for service will be evaluated as they are received.  
  4. All inspections will be suspended until further notice.  
  5. Annual and interim recertifications are suspended until further notice.   
  6. Please pay rent by mail or drop in the drop off boxes at each property.
  7. Pest control is suspended until further notice. 
  8. Port Ins are being suspended until further notice. 
  9. THA will continue its operations until further notice during the hours of 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Monday – Friday. Any changes to these hours will be posted on the front door and our website.  

We appreciate your understanding, that we must take these measures. Please contact our office at (512) 352-3231, if you should have any questions. In case of an emergency please call (512) 352-3231, ext. 122. 

THA & Government Shutdown

Government Shut Down/Landlord Payments

THA has been receiving inquiries as to whether landlords will receive rental payments over the next few months. Though HUD is one of the government offices, which has closed, we will continue to make rental payments to landlords for February. However, we have not received notice from the government as to whether the partial shutdown, if continued, may delay future Housing Assistance Payments to our landlords. We will try to get both landlords and program participants informed of any updates as we receive them. 

If anyone has concerns about the shutdown, they can contact their representatives in Washington. Everyday more and more people are being affected by the shutdown. We hope that it doesn’t go on much longer. 

THA & Government Shutdown

Government Shutdown

The Taylor Housing Authority will continue to help families in need, even while the government shuts down temporarily. This includes accepting work orders, collecting rents and listening to our residents. It is surprising when others complain about having to respond to program participants questions. We believe that if it weren’t for our residents, there wouldn’t be any need for the staff to be here.

Even with the government shutting down, THA is looking forward to a good year in 2019. Most of our funding comes from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) but we feel confident that the government will be up and running soon. We have started the process of renovating the properties we own. Additionally, we plan to expand our community garden and bring more resident services to Mary Olson. As a small housing authority, it is challenging to expand our programs and services, so we rely on partnerships. We are fortunate that there are a variety of people in the community who are willing to partner with us.

Many small housing authorities seem to think that they cannot expand their own programs and services because they do not have enough staff. That is when we start looking for volunteers and partnership opportunities. Anything can be accomplished, so long as you keep moving forward. Happy 2019 to everyone!

Keeping Residents Abreast of Redevelopment

THA ended 2018 with a great celebration. We held a meeting with our residents to inform them of our upcoming plans for redevelopment, as well as celebrated the end of a great year!  The residents were glad to receive an update and enjoyed the festivities. It is important to keep our residents informed of our future plans. This is not only helpful for them,  but is a requirement by HUD. 

THA is redeveloping the Mary Olson apartments under a program called RAD. Rental Assistance Demonstartion program. This is a program which allows housing authorities to convert their properties to market units. Once converted they are no longer considered public housing. It is a positive move for small housing authorities as the federal government continues to reduce our funding and the capital needs keep increasing. Mary Olson was built in 1972 and is showing its age like many of the public housing stock across the country. 

Small Housing Authorities

HUD classifies a small housing authority as one who administers less than 500 units. Taylor Housing Authority (THA) is classified as small because we administer 209 housing choice vouchers and manage 43 public housing units, for a total of 252.

THA may be classified as small, but it is a BIG job to administer these programs with a small staff of four and limited financial resources. However, we are fortunate because there many other public housing authorities (PHA’s) with even fewer units and fewer resources. In Texas there are over 400 PHA’s with some of the smaller ones having less than 50 units total!

THA is currently working to bring back the Avery apartments. The Avery apartments were flooded in 2015 and we are in the process of redeveloping them. We have obtained approval from HUD to demolish and redevelopment them. It may seem like a small task, but there are many things involved. Across the country, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is encouraging PHA’s to consider redevelopment under the Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD) program. Under this program, PHA’s terminated their contracts with HUD, apply for vouchers for the families who live in them and redevelop the properties with other funding. Yes, it seems like a great idea, but we are expected to do this on our own! More coming soon on small PHA challenges.

New Smoke Free Policy

Public Notice Of Significant Amendment To The Annual/or Five Year PHA Plan

The Housing Authority of the City of Taylor (THA) is amending its Annual and/or Five Year Plan to revise its Smoke Free Policy. Effective July 30, 2018, THA will no longer allow smoking within 25 feet of its property, in apartments or public buildings.

This is a 45 day notice with an opportunity to present public comments regarding this change.

The draft of the proposed policy change is available for review at the THA office at 311C E. 7th ST., Taylor, Texas 76574 and at the THA website at

Comments must be made in writing and presented to the main office located at 311C E. 7th St. Taylor, Texas 76574 or via email to no later than noon on July 23, 2018.

A public hearing will be conducted in the conference room of the THA central office at 1:30 p.m. at the THA office at 311C E. 7th St. Taylor, Texas 76574.


Published 5/30/18

THA Becoming Smoke Free Effective July 30, 2018


May 23, 2018

This is to notify all Taylor Housing Authority residents that a smoke free policy is being implemented effective July 30, 2018.

No smoking will be allowed within 25 feet of, housing authority buildings, within apartments or in any public buildings on the property.  E-Cigarettes will be allowed.

All residents are responsible for making sure that their visitors abide by the rules and residents will asked to sign a form certifying that they have read and received a copy of the Smoke-Free Policy. The policy will be distributed after final approval. Failure to abide by the policy can lead to termination of your lease.

Please contact the office at (512) 352-3231, ext. 110 if you should have any questions.

We appreciate your cooperation in helping us to keep Mary Olson a safe and healthy place to live!

Taylor Housing Authority