THA & Government Shutdown

Government Shutdown

The Taylor Housing Authority will continue to help families in need, even while the government shuts down temporarily. This includes accepting work orders, collecting rents and listening to our residents. It is surprising when others complain about having to respond to program participants questions. We believe that if it weren’t for our residents, there wouldn’t be any need for the staff to be here.

Even with the government shutting down, THA is looking forward to a good year in 2019. Most of our funding comes from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) but we feel confident that the government will be up and running soon. We have started the process of renovating the properties we own. Additionally, we plan to expand our community garden and bring more resident services to Mary Olson. As a small housing authority, it is challenging to expand our programs and services, so we rely on partnerships. We are fortunate that there are a variety of people in the community who are willing to partner with us.

Many small housing authorities seem to think that they cannot expand their own programs and services because they do not have enough staff. That is when we start looking for volunteers and partnership opportunities. Anything can be accomplished, so long as you keep moving forward. Happy 2019 to everyone!

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