Keeping Residents Abreast of Redevelopment

THA ended 2018 with a great celebration. We held a meeting with our residents to inform them of our upcoming plans for redevelopment, as well as celebrated the end of a great year!  The residents were glad to receive an update and enjoyed the festivities. It is important to keep our residents informed of our future plans. This is not only helpful for them,  but is a requirement by HUD. 

THA is redeveloping the Mary Olson apartments under a program called RAD. Rental Assistance Demonstartion program. This is a program which allows housing authorities to convert their properties to market units. Once converted they are no longer considered public housing. It is a positive move for small housing authorities as the federal government continues to reduce our funding and the capital needs keep increasing. Mary Olson was built in 1972 and is showing its age like many of the public housing stock across the country. 

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