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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I receive emergency housing? How do I apply?

The Taylor Housing Authority does not provide immediate housing. At this time the housing authority is not accepting applications for the public housing program.  For immediate temporary housing, please contact the Salvation Army.

I have a voucher and I want to move to Taylor, TX. Whom do I contact?
Call the Section 8 office at (512)352-3231 Ext. 112.
I want to move out of Taylor, TX to another city or state. Whom do I contact?

Call the Section 8 Program Coordinator, Angie Pearson at (512)352-3231 Ext. 112. You may also download the Request for Portability Form and after completing fax to 512-365-5464.

I want to be a landlord on the Housing Choice Voucher Program (formerly known as Section 8). How can I list my unit?
The first step in renting your property to a Housing Choice Voucher participant is to review a property Owner Checklist and complete a Property Listing Form. The rental listing form allows Taylor Housing Authority to get information about your vacancy to advertise it to our clients who are moving. Once Taylor Housing Authority posts your listing, clients will then contact you about renting your property. You will show them the property and conduct your normal screening process in selecting a tenant. If you decide to lease to a program participant, they will give you their moving packet to complete, which includes some forms that will get you set up as a vendor in our program and an inspection form that allows Taylor Housing Authority to come out and approve the property. If you have further questions, contact the Section 8 Program at 512-352-3231 x-112.
What are the Housing Quality Standards for Housing Choice Voucher (S8) inspections?
Download the HQS Checklist.
What are the current payment standards for the HCV (S8) Program?
View the current Utility Allowances.
What is the Taylor Housing Authority policy on Community Service and Self Sufficiency Requirements?
Download the current Taylor Housing Authority policy on Community Service Self Sufficiency Policy.
What is the difference between public housing and the Housing Choice Voucher program?
Public housing is owned by the housing authority and we are the landlords. Participants of the voucher program rent units on the open market and the housing authority subsidizes the rent, based on preset rent limits.