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Vouchers Being Issued

THA has been issuing vouchers to people from the waiting list. Several of those are residents of Mary Olson. We will miss our residents but are glad they received vouchers. This will provide them with more flexibility. We will continue to issue vouchers to persons on the waiting list. If you are on the voucher waiting list, you should make sure we have your current address.

Landlords Needed

THA is looking for more landlords. If you have rental property and are interested in a steady source of income, please contact us at (512) 352-3231, ext. 112 or via email Rents have recently been increased and are deposited directly into your account each month!

Biannual Inspections Coming in January

We will begin to do inspections for the voucher program biannually instead of annually starting in January 2022. All units are eligible if they passed the last annual inspection. Otherwise, we will have to continue inspecting annually.

Biannual recertifications will also be scheduled for those on fixed incomes beginning January 2022. This includes those only receiving social security, SSI, VA benefits or retirement income. For more information, they should contact their case worker.


We currently only have one maintenance person. His name is Ricardo Arana. Though Ricardo works behind the scenes, he mows grass, maintains buildings, and cleans and repairs units and gets them ready for occupancy. A special thank you to Ricardo!